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 ! Welcome to RAMTEJ Foundation

RAMTEJ Foundation (RF) is a premier non-profit organization to help human-kind of all ages in one or the other way. Promote CULTURE, PEACE and EDUCATION for harmonic life and better future of the people.

RF presently focusing on Indian society to help the life standards of Indian villages to bring up in par with or more satisfied than urban dwellers.

RF supports social, educational, health and life needs. Programs for educating people on their present standard of life, how the other world is moving and what things to be learned or done to catch up the fast changing world. Education of people is considered as one of the most powerful method for changing the conditions towards a more satisfied life.

As Gandhi always professed Villages are canters of development and any initiation or activity should be implemented in the villages, we adopt village to change the standards of life in India.

Programs of our activity and support are centred on education, culture and peace for development and the details are available in other pages.

 !  News
Nelivada village is adopted in May 2009 to change the situation of life standards of the people.
Nelivada is a remote village in  Bondapalli mandal of Vizianagaram district.
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Manyapuri peta village is being considered to be adopted. Manyapuri peta village needs a kind of support for changing its life standards.
Manyapuri peta is also a remote village in Nellimarla mandal of Vizianagaram district.
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